Top 3 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Try Video Content Marketing

Wondering how to convince your boss to try video content marketing? No more brainstorming! Here are the top 3 ways to do that

1. Explain the Logical Part

videos are more captivating as the brain is hardwired to respond to face and brain processes videos 600000 times faster that text

Start with this little introduction speech. Ever since the Lumiere Brothers had invented cinematography or the technique of capturing moving images, people’s curiosity shifted its base from listening to watching. This is the reason why the movie adaptations almost always beat their literary versions with numbers of viewers. Because people who do not have the time or energy or patience to go through the written words, fill the craving by watching the movies. Youtube’s monthly unique visitors’ count is more than 1 billion beating every other website in the game, except Facebook. More people watch the BBC Car show ,Top Gear, than the combined readership of all the automobile magazines in the world

Several researches show that a human brain catches an idea or an underlying message better when the same is conveyed through a video rather than through a written piece or article or graphs. That too when it is a marketing piece. The moment this ‘marketing’ sign flashes on their heads, they automatically start losing interest in the content. But, when it’s a video, it’s a different ball game! Count how many viral videos you see every day. Now, count how many marketing copies you read every day with same enthusiasm.

Watch this small video of less than 1.5 minutes and then imagine creating the same impression with an ad copy or something else.

2. Show Them The Conversion Metrics

76% of B2B Marketers use Videos as an integral part of their content marketing tactics

The outcome of A/B split testings done by Visual Web Optimizer, shows that videos increase conversion by 46% compared to text. Another marketing research group, Marketing Experiments, came up with similar result with a new twist. They found that the combination of video with strong text creates the most sensation in the conversion metrics. It is because when you are giving the idea through two formats simultaneously, the viewer can consume the best from both.

Forbes reports that work-related video can drive senior executives to take action. Overall, 65% have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video. Younger executives, however, may be more fully engaged with this type of media, and appear more likely to make a purchase, call a vendor, or respond to an ad.

Now, when the customers or audience are given the option to choose between video and text, 40% choose video over text contrary to a common misconception among marketers that their viewers will not be interested in watching their videos.

3. Everyone is doing it! Why Not You?

Nielsen claims 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. It's not difficult to see why

According to a survey published by ReelSeo,

93% of Marketers Confirmed Video Was Part of 2013 Strategy

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.

To summarize, video is an integral part of Content Marketing and all the smart marketers are doing it!