Customer Video Testimonials

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With Video Customer Testimonials and More

Getting Customer Video Testimonials

VideoCloudManager delivers an streamlined process for soliciting customer video testimonials and publishing them on your web site

Ask for testimonials the right way !

Instead of asking for generic feedback, ask pointed questions about the client experience. You can post a question to you social media followers or you can email them a link to you testimonial request page. By keeping requesting feedback on a specific issue, you make it easy for the client to respond to you request. VideoCloudManger handles the rest!

Make video submissions simple and hassle free for your customer

Most of your customers already smartphones with powerful cameras. And they already have more than enough experience shooting videos on their phones. With VideoCloudmanager, your customers, partners and employees can record themselves on their camera and easily upload their video for processing. Your customers can either upload their video or share a video from their cloud drive efforlessly

We have integrated with the following cloud drives that are commonly available on all smartphones:

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

  • More cloud drive integrations to follow!

Automatic Content Pre-processing for review

VideoCloudManager automatically pre-processes submitted video so that you can preview those videos from any browser on any device. We notify you when you receive a video testimonial.

Online Mashup Editor

VideoCloudManager provides you with an online mashup video editor that enables you to review , edit and publish any submitted video to your website. You can also combine several videos into one mashup video and publish it to your site,