Video Platform Features

AWS Integration and Enhancement

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Low-cost Infrastructure for Marketing

AWS Cloud Computing infrastructure is very economical ; VideoCloudManager automatically builds and manages a video marketing infrastructure for you based on AWS cloud. You pay as little as $0.085 per GB for video streaming.

VideoJS Video Player

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We integrate AWS Infrastructure with Video.js video player, which is an open source JavaScript library for working with web video. It has HTML/CSS video player controls and a JavaScript API that work the same with HTML5, Flash, and other playback technologies.

VideoJS is used by thousands of sites, including Coursera, Wall Street Journal etc. . This player and its Javascript API is well documented and understood by thousands of developers around the world.

Realtime Video Analytics

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Unique Impressions and Plays

Understand how many individuals are watching your videos over any time. Track and monitor trends over time.

Monitor trend by tracking View Daily, Weekly, Monthly totals and historical data.

Video Plays

Discover how many plays and impressions each of your videos receives. Track and monitor playback data over any period of time

Device Type

See if your videos are being played on mobile , tablet or desktop devices.

Customer Video Testimonials!

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Get Product Use Videos

Enable your users , fans , followers and employees to share videos with you showing how they interact with your product or service. These videos are powerful and authentic endorsement of your brand and can help you get more sales.

More Videos at less cost!

Professional video production is expensive. You can user product testimonials from your users to keep your audience engaged with new user produced video content.

Video Security!

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Video Content Access Control

Force viewers to login to Facebook / Google + / LInkedIn / Twitter before allowing them to watch your videos.

Domain White-Listing

Ensure that video are loaded and played from your sites only.

Password Protected Private Video Page

You can also restrict access to your confidential videos with password based user authentication.

Marketing With Videos!

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Get Qualified Leads with Email Catcher

You can enforce Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn for selected premium content and collect valid emails of your viewers.

Or You can can use a simple email catcher form to collect email address during video playback.

You can download email addresses as a CSV file to use for marketing.

Interactive Videos!

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Call To Action

Guide your viewers after your video has finished with customizable post-play calls to action. Add links, images, forms, or any HTML you'd like.

Post play calls to action enable you to capture highly valuable leads, and can be used with almost any marketing platform.

Mobile Video

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Deliver Videos to all Device Types

Our encoding process encodes videos in multiple formats such that the video is played on all devices without plugins.Our player detects the device capability and ensures playback on all devices.

Responsive Videos Player

Our video player automatically detects the size of the video player screen and adjusts video dimensions automatically

Social Media!

integrate your videos with facebook, google + and linkedin

Player and Video Customization

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Customize Video with Posters and Thumbnails

You can either upload images for poster and thumbnail or grab an image from the video itself.

You can edit the title and description , call to action , video annotations at any time.

All such changes automatically propagate to all the pages where the video is embedded.

Video Captions

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Simplified Workflow with Unlimited Users

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Simplified Uploads

You can upload files from Dropbox or Google Drive or from your local folder

Email Notifications

You don't have to wait for the video transcoding job or file upload to complete; our vidoe processor automatically notifies you when the encoding job is complete.