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VideoCloudManager is web application that enables you to build and manage a sophisticated online video platform using the Awesome Amazon Web Services Goodness.

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VideoCloudManager Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pricing Plans

What makes Amazon Web Services for Online Video different from other online video platforms?

With Amazon Web Services, you only pay for the resources that you actually use. Also Amazon Web Services has the lowest cost for video streaming: you only pay $.008 per Gigabyte for streaming video.

Why do I need VideoCloudManager with Amazon Web Services Account ?

Amazon Web Services Provides a number of computing infrastructure components for online video hosting. However, to build a online video platform for your business, you will have to integrate these infrastructure components and manage them . Also, Amazon Web Services does not provide a unified workflow that can be used by your team to work on video marketing and training projects. And Amazon Web Services does not provide integrated video analytics .

When you use VideoCloudManager with your Amazon Web Services Account, our service automatically deploys and manages Amazon Web Services components while providing your business with a unified workflow for managing your video assets and delivers real time analytics with deep insights.

How does VideoCloudManager work with my Amazon Web Services Account ?

Amazon Web Services has a security feature called Cross-Account AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles This feature allows one AWS user to access, read, or control one or more services within another AWS user’s environment via the Amazon APIs. Businesses prefer this approach to the more common model of sharing secret and private API keys (for obvious reasons).

Our customers create a cross account IAM role that grants our Amazon account access to execute actions on behalf of their Amazon Web Services Account. Using that role, we create AWS S3 buckets, Cloudfront distributions , Elastic Transcoder etc. and invoke services on these when your team accesses the VideoCloudManager web application.

Do I choose a plan now?

No, you do not need to pick a pricing plan at this time. After you have tested out all our great features during the free trial period, you will be able to review our pricing options and select the best plan for your needs when you are ready to buy.

What happens once my trial ends?

When your trial ends, you are prompted to activate your video hosting account so you can continue working with your videos on our platform. If you do not activate you account, your video will stay on your Amazon S3 Cloud Storage and you will have full access to those videos, through the AWS Console.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel your account with us at anytime. Your videos will stay on your Amazon S3 Cloud Storage and you will have full access to those videos, through the AWS Console.