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How to protect your video content with encryption?

If you are worried about preventing your viewers from downloading your videos to modify and redistribute, we've got you covered.

Protecting Videos with HLS Encryption

Introduction to HLS Video Encryption

HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming and is Apple’s proprietary streaming format based on MPEG2-TS. This protocol also defines a standard method of encrypting video content using AES encryption .HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Encryption lets you send encrypted video over HTTP for playback on desktop and mobile devices. This protocol has seen broad adoption over the past few years, and is supported natively on the following platforms:

  • all Apple devices
  • Chrome on Android
  • Windows 10
  • on desktop browsers , HLS is supported via flash

Managing your video distribution and decryption

Videocloudmanager automatically creates multiple versions ,at different encoding rates, for each chunk of video that can switch intelligently between HTTP streams as network bandwidth changes, and as service fluctuates between WiFi and 3G. Our technology can automatically create encrypted versions of these chunks and manage access to the decryption keys based on your preferences. You can control access to encrypted video with any oh the following options

  • make authenticaion manadatory before allowing video decryption
  • ask the viewer to authenticate but allow her/him to skip
  • allow decryption for all

Why RTMPe video streaming is not useful for video content protection?

In the old day, people used to use RTMPe Streaming for video content protection. This approach is no longer feasible as RTMPe is only supported by FLASH based video players. Flash is not supported on IPads, IPhones and Adobe Flash Player is no longer available in Google Play Store for downloading. Unless you want your content to be restricted to only desktops , RTMPe video streaming is not useful.

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