Video Customer Testimonials


With Insightful Video Marketing Analytics and More

Using Video Marketing Analytics to learn about your viewers

Who watched your video?

Merely measuring total number of video views is not enough to determine if your video was a success: with Videocloudmanger tools such as email gates and social media gates, you can learn not only who watched your video but also what other content have they watched. This information can tell you what stage of the Purchase Funnel the viewer is at. This insight into your video viewer’s viewing activity can help you fintune you content and get mor conversions.

What devices are your viewers using to watch your videos?

According to a Google study 42% of researchers use a mobile device during the B2B purchasing process. For your mobile viewers, you should optimize your videos to be smaller and to-the-point which can be consumed quickly and also have smaller call-to-action forms.

What is the location of the viewer?

Location metrics can help you identify regions where there is a lot of interest in you content. You can use this data to fine tune your marketing campaigns or AdWord campaigns to focus on regions where your content is being watched eagerly.

Measuring Content Engagement (or success rate)

How many times did a viewer watch your video?

Knowing how many times a viewer watches your video and knowing the list of your videos watched by your viewer provide insights into the content they are most interested in and at what stage of the purchasing cycle they are at.

How long did a viewer watch? Are skipping certain parts ?

Just because a viewer clicked play, that doesn’t mean they watched it all they way through (or even after the first few seconds!). Getting information on how long a viewer watches your video can give you insights on whether the viewer is interested in the content.

  • if a large portion of your viewers are skipping certain parts, that indicates that your video content in the skipped parts may not be relevant to your audience.
  • If some portions of your video are being rewatched frequently, that may be an opportunity to
    • create more video content to expand upon the idea presented in that portion of the video
    • add a email gateway or a call to action form at the end of that portion of video
  • If viewers are dropping off halfway through the video, this information can help you figure out if you need to break up the content into smaller pieces.
  • if people are dropping off only a few seconds in, it may be because your video title or thumbnail is misleading.

How many viewers engaged with your video’s call-to-action?

A Call-to-Action is an opportunity to engage with viewer who has watched your video and is amenable to ideas presented in your video. By tracking how many people responded to your call to action indicates if you are meaningfully engaging with your viewers. By tracking your call to action conversion rate for a video, you can better achieve your marketing goals with videos.