5 ways Video Marketing can help B2B Sales Teams Close Deals Quickly!

Video B2B Marketing Tip #1:Stop sending PDFs -- no one important reads those

When sales people send us product descriptions as a PDF or Word or MS Powerpoint attachment, we respond in in of the three ways:

  • we print it hoping to read it later and we forget
  • we forward it to someone who we think enjoy reading PDFs ( or has no choice because he /she reports to us)
  • we barely skim it

So why do we keep on doing this?


Help your salespeople scale the TL;DR barrier !

With Video Marketing, we have a better option. Here are 4 ways Video Marketing can help your B2B sales team with Tl;dr problem

Video B2B Marketing Tip #2: Use a Face On Your Video Links!

The human brain is hard-wired us to use the human face as a gathering point for information and believability. The ability to recognize faces is so important in humans that the brain appears to have an area solely devoted to the task: the fusiform gyrus. Brain imaging studies consistently find that this region of the temporal lobe becomes active when people look at faces. You can read more about this research here.

So what does this mean for your B2B Sales and Marketing?

Here is a checklist based on this finding that you can apply in your sales efforts:
  • Make sure that your sales team replaces dreary PDFs attachments with links to your marketing videos
  • Make sure that your personalize your marketing videos for your each of your salesperson : add a clip from the salesperson introducing herself/himself to the viewer and brief introduction to the content to your marketing videos
  • The poster image or the clickable image link to the video should be a picture of your salesperson or someone from your organization--- make sure that your clickable link image is a picture of someone and not something.
Unlike B2C, your sales person already has had some level of contact with your prospect. Your sales person's picture can help in your prospect clicking on that link.

So when your salesperson sends out video sales material optimized with these suggestions, your prospect will pay attention !

Video B2B Marketing Tip #3:Segment your videos based on Buyer Funnel!

For your salesperson to increase the chances of closing the deal, you must arm them with the right video and this is not an easy task. Depending on which stage your prospect is in the Customer’ Buying Decision Process, you may need to vary your video selection:

Video Marketing Content for creating Awareness

If your prospect is in this stage, you can send him/her generic introductory video and How-To videos and industry white-papers and your ebooks. See Lowe’s video on Youtube for inspiration : these video shows their prospects that Lowe’s cares that they succeed and that Lowes employees know their stuff. It is a fantastic way to build a relationship and earn trust.

Video Marketing Content for creating Familiarity

At this stage, your prospect is looking for a solution. This is the time when you showcase your product: If you have product that is competing on features, show off your slick features in a product demo video. If you have a solution that competes on service, show off you best service and support personnel : have them share their passion and your processes on video . Have your salesperson send those videos to your prospects.

Lowe's How-to videos do a great job of raising addressing buyers in Awareness or Familiarity Stage

Video Marketing Content for Consideration stage

If the prospect is at this stage, this is where "deep dive" type of product or service videos would best help your case: these are videos where you show off important features of your solution that distinguish you from your competitors. Video Case Studies and video customer testimonials are the type of content that would greatly help your salesperson in executing successfully.

Another approach is to do competitive analysis: here is a example of a competitive analysis video that would sway the buyers towards one of the alternatives.

Video B2B Marketing Tip #4:Know Your Prospect’s Mind!

The coolest thing about video marketing is that the marketing analytics give you accurate insight into your individual prospect’s interest level down to the nitty gritty issues that has captivated their interest. Video Marketing platform , such as our solution VideoCloudManager , can track if your prospect watched all of the video to the end, whether she/he skipped certain parts and whether he/she rewatched some parts and what videos have been watched by your prospect and more.

Please note that while Youtube is free and provides video engagement report, it does not provide engagement report at the individual prospect level. This is where Video Marketing platform for businesses , VideoCloudManager , outshine Youtube.

How do you use video marketing analytics data to close more B2B sales ?

Here is list of top three things you can do with this information:

  • If your prospect has watched your “deep dive “ videos that you segmented as “Evaluation of Alternatives”, you should know that you are being considered. This is the time to scale up your closing efforts
  • if your reports show that he or she has been re-watching certain parts of those video, reach out to prospect with more information aroung this topic
  • create playlist of in-depth videos that showcase your competitiveness and send the link to the prospect

VideoCloudManager has real time video analytics that provides valuable insights into you B2B customer

When you arm your salesperson with this information , then you increase his or her chances of success in closing the deal.

Video B2B Marketing Tip #2: Provide Credible Social Proof with Video Customer Testimonials!

Testimonials are not product pitches or sales messages. We are deluged in advertising messages everyday and we as a society have become very adept at tuning them out. However, stories from the heart still get to us. A customer testimonial that speaks to the genuine challenges faced by the customer and how your product/service helped him/her will resonate with your prospect.

Testimonials help you overcome buyer skepticism. A video testimonial where your customer talks about his/ challenges and how your products or services made a difference can give you instant credibility in your prospects mind. Your prospects and your customers have a lot in common : a positive recollection of you by your existing customer will elicit positive emotions towards your brand in your prospects mind.

It is important to have video testimonials because humans respond better to faces that to blobs of text.

How do you use video customer testimonials to close more B2B Sales ?

Not all cusomer video testimonials are equal. Here is a list of items that can help you which testimonial you should be using:

  • Testimonials from Industry leaders: people are more likely to pay attention if you have an industry leader in their space espousing your product's virtues.
  • Comparative testimonials: customer testimonials where the customers talks about why they chose you over your competitors can boost your credibility.
  • Use Case testimonials: video customer testimonials where you customer discusses the specific problem that they were facing and how your product solved those problems can deeply impress your prospect

VideoCloudManager allows you to easily solicit customer testimonials as well as manage, edit and publish those testimonial videos.

When you arm your salesperson with this information , then you increase his or her chances of success in closing the deal.