VideoCloudManager: VideoJS Call to Action Example

What is a Call to Action?

A Call to Action is a customizable overlay that you can show your viewers during or after video playback. Having a Call to Action on your video can open a world of possibilities. Engage your users to take immediate action, whether it be to purchase a product, create an account, or simply use it to provide an interactive experience.

About this Example

This is an example of a video with a call to action form, which is triggered when the video ends. Your call to action could be a form (as in this example ) or text or text with HTML. The call to action form can be submitted either normally or asynchronously using AJAX. The Ajax method of submitting call to action form is useful if you do not want the user to leave the current page.

VideoCloudManager comes preloaded with all kinds of javascript widgets based on VideoJs for all your business video use cases!, including call to action as shown above

Video courtesy Beachfront B-Roll