VideoCloudManager: Social Media Based Email Catcher Example

What is a Social Email Catcher?

In the context of a video playback,a social media email catcher is a form that overlays the video , pauses the video and asks the viewer to login to Facbook or Google Plus or LinkedIn or Twitter. The advantage of using a social media email catcher is that you get email addresses that have been verified by social media.

This is an example of a video with an email catcher using social media. The social email catcher is configurable-- you can define when to render this and whether the email collection is optional. In this case , we have configured it to make social media login mandatory before playing the rest of the video. You can configure the email catcher to trigger at any point in the video. Ideally, you would time it such that the it triggers after viewer is engaged in the story in your video.

VideoCloudManager comes preloaded with all kinds of javascript widgets based on VideoJs for all your business video use cases!, including social email catcher as shown above.

Videos courtesy Howard Hall Productions . Only a small excerpt used for demo purposes