VideoCloudManager: Video Embed with integrated Social Sharing Toolbar Example

What is a video social medial tool bar ?

In web design, each button in a tool bar has a specific function and all the functions belong together. A video social media toolbar is a toolbar consolidates your entire social media presence for your videos and displays buttons that allow your visitors to tweet, share, discuss on social media without navigating away from your video page.

When you want to have a social media bar for your videos, you must take into account the network lag imposed by loading all the Javascript for the social media site. VideoCloudManager javascript is designed to load and work asynchronously: what this means is the your webpage load performance will not be impacted by having social media bar. VideoCloudManager will asynchronously load javascript from Facebook ,Twitter etc.; it will only render their buttons on the social media bar once the javascript for the social media get fully loaded. This loading operation will have no effect on the performance of the video player.

We include VideoJS & javascript widgets for all your business use cases!

Videos courtesy NASA

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