Full Featured Business Video Hosting

Here is why you need a dedicated Business Videos Hosting solution:

(or why YouTube is not enough for hosting business videos)

Call To Action and Email Catchers

Video Playback is not the end goal of a business video: getting the viewer to subscribe or buy you product/service is the end goal of a dedicated business video hosting solution. Call-to-action and Email Catchers are needed to drive the viewer towards this goal. VideoCloudmanager comes built with several call-to-action and email catchers widgets that can help convert your viewers to customers.
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Track Your Viewers

Merely tracking how many times a video was watched is not enough to grow your revenues. You also need to track:

  • content engagement metrics that lets you see exactly where you are losing users or gaining interest based on playback and drop-off
  • each session of each viewer to know what they have watched to determine where they are in the purchase decision funnel.
  • associate each viewer's cookies to his/her identity

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Manage Your Costs

Video files are big and as you add content, your storage and streaming costs will increase. We are a partner of Amazon Web services , which means that your storage costs will be as low as $0.0300 per GB and your streaming price will be as low as $0.085 per GB. There is no minimum and you only pay for what you use.
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Collect Customer Testimonials

Customer Video Testimonials are powerful way to add authentic social proof on your website. Videocloudmanger can help you get and publish customer video testimonials.
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